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The Art of Brain Hemingway

We get a lot of questions about the art of Brain Hemingway, so here is some information about the wonderful artists, how they work, and where you can get a hold of them!

Joe Botsch

Social Media:

I'm an artist and musician obsessed with that intersection between the macabre and the painfully human. I attended the Art Institute of Boston for animation and illustration and didn't attend grad school but did work in a haunted house for a bit, where I probably learned everything else I needed to know, probably. What is your preferred medium? I'm obsessed with ink and really like sort of "sculpting" with lighting through heavy contrast black and white work. What inspires you? I'm inspired mostly by the great mysteries of the world--both in a very real "watching youtube videos about bigfoot at 2am" way and in the more philosophical, "watching youtube videos about our psychology at 2am" way. Wait I change my answer. Youtube inspires me. What piece of yours are you most proud of and why? This might be a cop out but I tend to be most proud of my work during the month of October when I join many other artists in making a drawing a day throughout the month. I find the opportunity to draw something new each day, to have that process of having an idea and falling for it and putting it on paper very freeing, and I'm proud of that collective work. You can find it scattered throughout my instagram. Where can people buy your work or commission you? You can visit my website at, email me at, or send me a message through instagram. You can also follow my band, Your Friends in Hell, which combines my love with horror, my drawing and illustration, and my subpar guitar ability. we are @yourfriendsinhell on insta or you can visit .

Yvie X

Social Media: nnilkyway on all platforms (tumblr, instagram, reddit)

I’m a spunky 19 year old goth from Canada- obsessed with interpreting the world through my point of view, and shaping concepts to fit my twisted vision. I’ve always had my head up in the stars, always feeling very different from the people around me. Art let me find space to be myself, and to find the beauty in being so different from others. Art let me find the strength in being different.

What inspires you: Stars, space, and unexpected bursts of colour.

What is your preferred medium?

Digital, but I like to dabble in paint pens and fineliners, and sculpting.

What inspires you?

Stars, space, and unexpected bursts of colour.

What piece are you most proud of?

It’s a drawing of Jim from Our Flag Means Death, with a ton of detail work on the face and clothes. Took me nearly 5 hours! I feel that its a piece that completely encapsulates who I am and what I like to create- semi-realism with a sense of something whimsical and purely Yvie.

Where can people buy your art/commission?

I accept commissions via DM/email, and have a redbubble under the name nnilkyway!

Hailey McLaughlin

Social Media: IG: @haileytjmclaughlin or Twitter @haileytjmclaugh

I grew up in the marshy woods of Michigan and studied art in the swamps of Georgia. My love of art and illustration stems from my parents earnest emphasis on stories and the power of a good book. Nowadays I live in the wetlands of Wisconsin and spend a lot of time with my gecko, Pooty-Toots. What is your preferred medium?

Digital Art.

What inspires you?:

I draw (ha) a lot of inspiration from nature and animals. However a lot of what makes me draw is the question “is it funny and will it make people laugh?” What piece of yours are you most proud of and why ?

I painted an homage to the movie of Encanto in the style of JC Leyendecker. It went viral a few months ago and now people have posters all the way in Chile, The Netherlands, and Italy! Where can people buy your work or commission you?

I sell prints through My Etsy shop here: And if people are interested in a commission i can be reached via email at We're so enamored with these amazing pieces, and can't wait to show them off at this years Edinburgh Festival Fringe with 'Brain Hemingway'! Get tickets here!


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