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Spotlight On: Sarah Langley

Sarah trained for 3 years at Performers College in Musical Theatre and Dance. She danced professionally for 10 years before moving into a creative role. Most recently she’s been choreographing for TedUK and installed entertainment teams acting as their Resort Director. Sarah also Choreographed a George Michael medley ‘Freedom’ at the Cromer Seaside Special Show. Sarah flew out to Montenegro this year to install a show team for Tui, as well as taking on a new teaching role delivering GCSE & A Level Drama, Dance and Musical Theatre. She directed 2 Christmas seasons at Diss Corn Hall, for LP Productions. Sarah is a Creative Assistant for PQA and Q Productions, working closely to support students, and tutors on their West End season show ‘Troubles A Brewin.’ Sarah has been fortunate to work with Evolution Productions on different Pantomimes and at various venues. For the last 5 years Sarah has choreographed the Christmas season at The Lyceum, Sheffield. Sarah is delighted to be part of the creative team for ‘Brain Hemingway’ on its journey to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

How did you get involved with 'Brain Hemingway'?

I got involved with Brain Hemingway after replying to an advert for a choreographer that I had seen.

What is your background with the Edinburgh Festival Fringe?

I love the Edinburgh festival and the fringe shows that go on during this time. It is a hive of creativity and such a buzz to be around. My husband has performed at the Edinburgh Festival and I have been twice to enjoy the amazing atmosphere and soak up the fresh, exciting, variety of productions. What is your favorite musical or play? My favourite musical, ohhh this is a difficult one, but I think it has to be Dear Evan Hansen. I think everyone should see it and be educated in the lessons it teaches us. To be aware of others and what they may be feeling. The music is incredible and the storyline will move you. What have you missed most about live theater? I have missed everything about live theatre- being sat in the auditorium the anticipation of the show you are about to see. The performers living their best lives, all the years of training they have been through to bring the characters alive. Being swept away in the music, acting and choreography. There is nothing like that immersive atmosphere to really escape to.

What celebrity lives rent free in your head? Elle Woods- Sassy, Confident, Kind, Witty. She believes in herself and goes for her dream in dazzling style and with a few high kicks! What helps you when you feel overwhelmed? My family - talking and sharing any worries I have. And getting outdoors - fresh air, wild swimming and long walks. Shampoo/Conditioner: yes or no? Definitely a NO to combination shampoo and conditioner!


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