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Spotlight on: Evan Quinlan

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Evan Quinlan (Ernest Hemingway) was a member of Boston’s 11:11 Theater Company, and performed in productions including ‘The Seagull‘, ‘The Great Heathersby Heist’, and ‘Poe: A Fever Dream’. Off-Broadway, he originated the role of Digby in ‘God Save Queen Pam’.

How did you get involved with Brain Hemingway?

I’m married to the writer. If you want to be in things, marry a writer.

What’s your history with the Fringe?

I’ve never been to the Fringe. I did spend a day in Edinburgh, though, so I know it’s a lovely city.

What’s your favorite play or musical?

I have a soft spot for Les Miserables—so soft that it makes me cry like a baby. It’s the beautiful songs about love, forgiveness, perseverance, and redemption that get me. And when they shoot that kid.

Which celebrity lives rent-free in your head?

It’s Peter O’Toole, I guess? He’s always in there, encouraging me to shout instead of talk, leap instead of walk, and make weird artistic choices. That last one I’ve got down pat.

What have you missed most about live theater?

I’ve missed the liminal spaces around the performance area. I didn’t realize until lockdown how much the venue sets the tone for the experience. Walking in the front door, wandering the halls looking for the toilet, ordering at the bar, that little hint of vertigo while you find your balcony seat, chatting idly with your neighbors, and wondering what those set pieces will be used for, it all connects you to the space. And good theater is all about space.

What’s your go-to coping mechanism when you’re overwhelmed?

I tend to fire up a video game. In most of them, you’ve got clear objectives, and there are certain rewards waiting for you at the end. Helps balance against life’s uncertainties. Alternatively—especially if I need to think something through—I go for a walk.

Combination shampoo/conditioner: yes or no?

I spent my entire childhood using it, and I’d still reach for it if it was in my shower. So yes.


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