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Our Top(ish) Five Favourite (Don’t Make Us Choose) Paul Boyd Songs

Paul Boyd comes to directing ‘Brain Hemingway’ with a lot of shows under his belt. He is so prolific, when you look up the word in the dictionary, there is a picture of Paul, which also occurs under ‘abundance’, ‘fecund’, ‘copious’… oh, wait, you’re looking at a thesaurus. That’s how prolific he is! To celebrate his involvement with us, here are some of our favorite songs from his many, many shows.

  1. A lot of people tried to tell us ’all will be well’ during the pandemic, but we only believed it when it was said by a grown man pulling the strings of a dummy who wanted to be a real boy. No, not Dominic Cummings. Christopher Finn in ‘Pinocchio: The Greatest Wonder of the Age’.

2. It’s important to talk about ‘Molly Wobbly‘s Tit Factory’, the West End cult hit, in the spirit in which is is performed, so I’ll just say that *****ing **** ****** at the ****** *****er was so ********* that ********* ***** ******* wearing nothing but a jar of salad cream.

3. In a magical land called Estincele, the witch Foofaleena is bent on cancelling Christmas once and for all, and we are once again reminded that nothing says Christmas like some mad slap bass.

4. Peter Pan is in trouble, and the Mermaid Queen is here to serve us some West-End-Lord-of-the-Rings-Laura-Michelle-Galadriel realness with some impressive lungs. Or gills.

5. No Paul Boyd musical is complete without and belter, we couldn’t let the empowering ‘Hear Me Shout’ not make this list. Sung by the incredible Sabrina Aloueche, this is the perfect piece to put at the top of your gym playlist, breakup playlist, road trip playlist, shower playlist (no renters)… really any playlist- it’s versatile like that.

As you can imagine, it was very difficult to choose only five songs from Paul Boyd’s TWENTY FIVE (and counting) musicals, so we encourage you to go to his website and listen to them all!

‘Brain Hemingway’ is at Greenside @ Infirmary Street from August 5-20. Get tickets here, and if you want to be a part of this production, check out our Indiegogo campaign!


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