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Evan Quinlan is Ernest Hemingway… Or IS he?

Evan Quinlan will be playing Papa himself, Ernest Hemingway, in the new play ‘Brain Hemingway’ at Greenside Venues this summer at Edinburgh Festival Fringe! We wanted to see how close he is to the legendary author, so we had him answer some questions that had been posed to Hemingway in his interviews.

What is the enemy of man?

Evan: Lack of purpose.

Hemingway: The half-bottle of champagne.

What would your KBG name be?

Evan: Mountain Man.

Hemingway: Argo.

What nickname would you give to younger women you are too old to sleep with but you still want to sleep with?

Evan: I would call them by their names.

Hemingway: Daughter.

What roles did you play in school theater?

Evan: Emile de Becque in ‘South Pacific’.

Hemingway: Beau Brummell.

What was your yearbook superlative?

Evan: Most dramatic.

Hemingway: Most prophetic.

Who owns the most famous penis you have ever seen?

Evan: My own. It’s quite well known in some circles.

Hemingway: F. Scott Fitzgerald.

What would you take from your favorite bar?

Evan: My leave, after a good long while.

Hemingway: The entire urinal from Sloppy Joe’s.

What is your favorite drink?

Evan: Old Rasputin Imperial stout.

Hemingway: Scotch and soda or the Papa Double Daiquiri.

What instruments can you play?

Evan: The piano and clarinet.

Hemingway: Cello.

Do you have any nicknames?

Evan: Mountain man, again.

Hemingway: Papa, Hem, Tatie, Dutch Dolly, the list goes on.

What is your favorite Shakespeare play?

Evan: Henry V.

Hemingway: King Lear.

Cats or dogs?

Evan: Quoting ‘Caligula’, one needs both to keep healthy.

Hemingway: Cats, particularly polydactyl ones.

What was your catch in your best day of fishing?

Evan: The Spirit of Fishing.

Hemingway: Seven prize marlins, setting a world record.

How many Nobel prizes have you won?

Evan: The same number as whoever is reading this, probably.

Hemingway: One.

Who would you call if you were about to get into a fistfight?

Evan: My dog, Porthos. He’s small and scrappy and doesn’t take shit from anybody.

Hemingway: Didn’t call anyone, but was often called upon by James Joyce.

What should we do about all these U-Boats?

Evan: Race ‘em.

Hemingway: Sail the Pilar out carrying Jai Alai players who will throw grenades at them.

How do you write?

Evan: Quite well, thanks.

Hemingway: Standing up.

How many times have you been married?

Evan: Just the once.

Hemingway: Four.

What is your weirdest childhood memory?

Evan: Hammering batteries with my friend until acid squirted in his mother’s eye. We had to stop after that.

Hemingway: Being dressed up as a girl with his mother so he could be twins with his sister, and then being addressed respectively as Dutch Dolly and Sweetie.

As you can see, Evan has nothing in common with Ernest Hemingway, which is why acting is so important.

Please consider checking out our Indiegogo Campaign, which is raising money for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe production!


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