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Billboard in Times Square for the Off-Broadway Premiere


Barry Robertson's Insights Podcast  Erin talks about the going into the first production of Brain Hemingway

Stage Whispers Podcast Erin discusses seeing The Woman in Black eleven times, her husband as Ernest Hemingway, and the time Marc Chan saved the day at the Players Theatre.

The Next Stage Podcast Erin talks about bringing Hemingway back to the Fringe, the state of Shakespeare, and her Game of Thrones fanfiction.

Musical Theatre Radio Erin decides between penguins and bees, talks about her writing process, and tells us what makes Paul Boyd a great director.

It's All An Act Podcast Right before heading off to the Fringe, Erin sits down to talk about Hemingway, bees, and dogs she's met.

Lady Anne Duncan Interview- Erin touches on being a woman in theatre, the writer's strike, and the aristocracy of talent.

Tim Talks Theatre- Tim talks Brain Hemingway!



"A balance between humor, farce, and satire with heartfelt honesty and realism that leaves you inspired."

-The New Current

"What a brilliant piece of theatre."

-The Quintessential Review





Evan Quinlan

Best Individual Performance

"A hidden comedy gem."

-The Derek Awards

"This hilarious double act truly captures the spirit of following your dreams, no matter what, or who, decides to get in the way."

-The Student

"Highly Entertaining."

-Theatre and Arts Review


"A perfect show for lovers (and loathers) of Hemingway."

-Lothian Life Magazine


"Excellent. A Unique show that is both affecting and polished."

-Everything Theatre



"A perfectly polished little gem." -FringeReview

"I really enjoyed Brain Hemingway... Hemingway is deliciously portrayed... Well worth catching!" -The Wee Review Quickfire

"Superb musical numbers, sitcom-ready performances, refreshingly difficult to pin down." -The Scotsman

"An amusing look at the creative struggle."

-The Roaming Reader


Fringe '23,
by Jane

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